The Musicians of Orchestra New England

The size of Orchestra New England’s presentations varies from 10–38 players. Approximately one-fifth of the performers in O.N.E. in a given season are non-permanent, but consistently engaged. Second chair winds and brass are permanent members. The core leadership includes:

Raphael Ryger: with O.N.E. since 1982 and concertmaster since 1988. Ryger is a prominent soloist in the area and a developer of artificial intelligence software for Clarivate Analytics.

Artemis Simerson: with O.N.E. since 1982 and assistant concermaster or principal second violin since 1984. Teaches violin at Neighborhood Music School.

Marvin Warshaw: principal violist of O.N.E., has been with the orchestra since 1994. He is also principal violist, personnel manager, and librarian of the New Haven Symphony Orchestra and conductor of the Neighborhood Music School’s Concert Orchestra.

Eliot Bailen: co-principal cellist of O.N.E. since 1981, lives in New York City. He leads a chamber music series and produces music development events for young audiences.

Joseph Russo: principal bassist of O.N.E. since 1978, is O.N.E.’s personnel manager and a composer.

Keith Underwood: principal flutist of O.N.E. since 2005, is a leading musical pedagogue in New York City.

Vicki Bodner: principal oboist of O.N.E. since 1979, lives and teaches in New York City.

Reesa Gringorten: principal clarinetist of O.N.E. since 1982, teaches at Neighborhood Music School.

Garrett Bennett: principal bassoonist of O.N.E. since 1974, teaches music at Wesleyan University.

Robert Hoyle: principal hornist of O.N.E. since 2001, teaches music at the Hartt School of Music.

Charles Bumcrot: principal trumpeter of O.N.E. since 1983, lives in New Jersey and teaches music at Keane University and Montclair State.

Patrick Smith: principal percussionist of O.N.E. since 1991, is band director at the Coop High School for the Arts.


Raphael Ryger, Concertmaster
Artemis Simerson, Assistant Concertmaster
Gary Capozziello
Diane Orson
Stefan Tieszen
Gregory Tompkins


Marvin Warshaw, Principal


Eliot Bailen, Co-Principal
Steven Thomas, Co-Principal


Joseph Russo, Principal


Keith Underwood, Principal
Elssa Green


Vicki Bodner, Principal
Stephen Wade


Reesa Gringorten, Principal
Andrew Grenci


Garrett Bennett, Principal
Sue Zoellner-Cross

French Horn

Robert Hoyle, Principal
Sara Della Posta


Charles Bumcrot, Principal


Patrick Smith

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